Huntington Woods Zionsville, Indiana



Upcoming Events

HOA 2018 Board Meetings:

April 4, Wednesday

July 10, Tuesday

October 2, Tuesday

All meetings are at 7:00pm in room 103 of the town hall.


Welcome to the website for the residents of Huntington Woods in Zionsville Indiana.

Click here for important updated mailbox information.

**MetroNet will be working in our neighborhood this summer. Click here for general information.**

**VERY IMPORTANT - Do not move or alter the locator flags that may be on your property**

Important Metronet Update from HOA Board Member Katie Barnes as of 6/15/2018


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Just a few friendly reminders...


Please make sure your outside lights are working.  Many of the bulbs have burnt out and need replaced.  Also, the summer heat can cause the paint on the lamp posts to fade or flake, please consider painting your post.  Flat black spray paint is easy and works great.  Don't forget, the covenants require a maintained and operable dawn to dusk front yard post light .


Trash cans need to be kept in the garage or behind a fence.  They are not to be seen from the road except on trash day. 


We have a number of kids and walkers/joggers in the neighborhood...please drive carefully and obey the posted speed limit.


The neighborhood looks great.  We have so many talented people who have made this a fantastic neighborhood to live in. 


Thank you!

Are you new to HOA's? Or have questions about HOA's? Click here for a brief overview of what an HOA is all about.

Thank You to the following for helping with spring cleanup!

A Thank You to Steve Betz for power washing and oiling the 3 teak benches in the neighborhood. Click here to see the results.

A Thank You to Nick Averitt for power washing the bricks and sign at the entrance of the neighborhood.

A Thank You to Denis Oberg, Gregg Poetz, and John Wittrig for taking down some dead trees and pruning others.